Our Manifesto

Spot Filmworks, Ltd. is a creative driven, director owned, production company for television, advertising and corporate audiences led by Emmy Award® winning filmmaker, Michael Graf. We conceive, shoot and produce artful and story driven commercial broadcast and social media content for ad agencies and corporate clients from around the world.

We’re filmmakers working in the digital age. Yeah, we understand the importance of data and “click throughs”, but we’re of the school of thought that story matters.

Video content jockeys? Digital Asset Management? Motion media specialists? What flummery and twaddle. Where’s the romance? The poetry? The soulful lyricism?

It’s all about the story.
If it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage.

We think it’s much more important to actually connect with a mass audience. Those “click throughs” are only meaningful when content creates an emotional reaction that engages people to actually give a damn about your brand, or your cause, or your message.

Make your audience care.
Make them actually stop and pay attention.
Make them laugh.
Punch them in the gut.

Just because your intern has a camera doesn’t mean he’s qualified to shoot your commercial. Would you entrust your Financials to someone that doesn’t own a suit? Then why entrust your brand’s image to someone willing to work for “the experience.”